Symptoms of shingles

The scientific applications of shingles is herpes zoster. This is a virus that affects nerve endings of the body causing neuralgia which is mild or severe. This is the very same virus that caused chickenpox in childhood. The virus reappears, usually in elders, with its chickenpox-like symptoms. Just as with the chickenpox virus in childhood, small pustule pimple-like nodules appear on the skin. Pain and itching occur. During healing, skin cells form a scab and later fall. This form of herpes is not to be confused with the one that is associated with a sexually transmitted problem.

One of the first symptoms of the illness to be observed are flu-like symptoms, excluding fever. There may also be experiences of photophobia. Following this flu-like phase a rash appears. The pustule blisters are evident and you experience itching and pain. The rash follows a linear pattern and affects only one side of the body. Because nerve endings are attacked, there is experience of pain.

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It is noted that the rash can surface on any area of the body; however, remember only the left or the right side is affected. In conjunction with the rash, there are pustules that mascab and may cause scarring in these areas. Neuralgia is present and may last for weeks or months. When shingles is on the face and near the eyes, there is need to seek medical attention. When there are instances of a relative having a comprised immune system, there is need to seek help. Shingles appear anywhere on your body. following a pattern the virus spreads; however, it will never cross the midline of the skeletal system.


Pain, which is evident on one side of the body is a sign of shingles. The pain may be near the eye, in areas of the shoulders, or in the torso areas., Pain experience is mild or severe. Pain may be tingling or shart. It may even mimick prinkling or needle-like pain that is applied. The pain may come on very suddenly, providing a lightening-like experience.

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A rash will appear on either the right side or the left side of your body. There are fluid-filled bumps that break open and ooze this fluis. As they heal, there are experiences of much itching. They give the appearance of small open sosores. They later will scab open. Observe that the rash will follow a linear line pattern. If on your face, be cautious if it is near your eyes. If untreated your sight can be affected.